Thursday, 16 July 2009

Perhaps Artimis April's foal

Yesterday the weather stayed enchanted for the little chestnut colt to go back out to the field with his mum April. We thought long and hard about whether to put April out alone in our separate maternity paddock or let her return to her usual field with Lizzie her best friend. Eventually we decided the usual field with Lizzie had the most shelter and everybody "knew" each other anyway from the day before.

April nuzzling her foal - Dani's first colt

April - always a good doer is blooming with motherhood

Annie's short term memory can't be all that good though.........!! because she was very curious about her little half brother.

The mares and their foals moved away up the hill for the day

Annie was convinced that the camera was for her perhaps she doesn't realise she is mid molt!

Annie:- Holstein Pre cross - she's nearly as big as her dam Lizzie

Today is a different story though with torrential rain beating down since breakfast time so the little group didn't spend long in the field before we ferried them still dripping back into the stables. The chestnut colt plunging in Charles's grip like a slippery electric eel with April nickering constant encouragement beside him until he had settled to march resolutely back to his nice dry stable.
Annie didn't want to be caught and leave her special mum April so wasn't too popular as we slipped and dripped down the field (in fact Annie seems to prefer April's company to her own mothers and up until now has enjoyed having mum with her milk bar and an adoring Aunt to look after her - still April seems happy to be the permanent baby sitter for the group leaving Lizzie free to relax and graze. )