Sunday, 28 October 2012

Danni in the Autumn

Danni coming in from a hack

Danni is putting the miles behind him now on the road back to full fitness with long steady walks along the country lanes and relentlessly trotting up every hill we meet. His spare tyre is a little bit less spare at last!

September and exercising in the field

yes we still found a hill to canter up!

Danni enjoys lunging us once a week for fun

Danni's party trick Spanish walk

I vary his routine as much as possible but each day i ask for a little bit of Spanish Walk just before his stable - the first time he managed alternate legs was quite a thrill and he got lots of praise!

Else where on the farm Dolly is now four and starting serious work - on Saturday we started driving her up and down the lane after Charles had introduced the two reins to her on the circle - Charles is recovering from a broken leg and so Cat and i were promoted to the work in a straight line and the trotting puff pant

Dolly moving off with the extra rein - it isn't attached to the roller for safety

to start with

Off around the circle

and changing direction

On to the lane and Dolly has extra support from Cats with a lead rein -
Charles advised me to move out to the side before asking for trot

We all had lots of excises

Dolly 4yr old TB Filly and Charles

The reins are only attached to the cavesson at the moment

and finally

turning Danni's youngstock out at dawn each morning - they love human company!

The first of Danni's youngsters are now three years old and so it wont be long now - not long at all. It will be very special and a little bit awesome to complete the circle and start work with Danni's babies - such a long time since I started this blog with this very moment in mind - wish us luck!!