Monday, 21 March 2011

Car park schooling and what is that!!

Danilon in shoulder in in hand in my usual scruffy but happy working clothes!

Danilon walk pirouette. note posh hat for camera and the hoof oil!

Dani's bottom!! He really has matured this year

Danni goes out around the Cornish lanes each day without fail, up and down hill, dodging the traffic and stopping to chat to pedestrians along the way but some day when we return he does a little work in hand as our schooling space is "limited!" But over the course of the winter, slowly slowly, as the collection has increased, his forehand has elevated and his bottom has enlarged, so I think we are on the right track. Now he is starting to step towards the bridle more thoughts are turning to piaffe ...sigh................. lets hope Danni's do too!

Our youngsters (by Danilon) had such an adventure this morning when a lady I often meet around the lanes, driving her invalid carriage with her dogs trotting beside her, dropped by the top yard to say hello. Well ! Heads came up nostrils flared ears pricked as never before and i ran for a camera quickly because they are usually half asleep!

Two year olds Archie and Amie

Archie giving this new mode of transport due consideration

hmmmmm what is that????

Amie's ears nearly met - she is out of a thoroughbred mare

Amie is Magic's sister

They have now gone back to munching their hayledge but just for a brief moment you could see their future as they puffed themselves up to look more important.