Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Over the Pyrenees from Madrid

Danilon's sire Official XXIX

Danilon is one of only three stallion standing in the United Kindom by the magnificent, advanced dressage stallion Official with Albero II, Yeguada Militar (Military) and Terry bloodlines.

He arrived at the end of our narrow lane in a shiny, luxurious, black horsebox (Luck's transport) tired but with glowing reports of his behaviour on his three day trek across Spain, the Pyrenees and down through France with a good Chanel crossing to Portsmouth with rest stops in different stables each night before setting his hooves on Cornish soil. Unfazed he quietly and obediently followed Charles up our lane to finish his journey to Ednovean Farm and within minutes was blissfully rolling in a cloud of fresh shavings in his new stable that we had painstakingly freshly painted in honour of his arrival. Bath time complete he settled to his haynet and we crept away once he had staled to give him some peace but we must admit we soon crept back again to gaze at our new Spanish Stallion from Madrid.

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Young Spanish Stallion

Danilon will be eight years old this year and the four years that has passed since a chilly autumn day when we visited Madrid in Spain has passed in a flash. The chill wind that was to herald the coming winter was already cutting across the plain from the distant Pyrenees, to Yeguada Suseata where our young Stallion was born, sired by their foundation stallion Official out of a Yeguada Militare mare Jeletita. My husband Charles fell in love with him in an instant, feeling that he would have the scope to add to the gene pool when outcrossed with the Thoroughbred mares we intended to buy for him later on. In the mean time he promised to be an elegant but powerful dressage horse for the future and so a dream was born and Danilon came to Cornwall to change all of our lives.
Time has gone on since the day that Charles circled the arena above Madrid, forging a new relationship with the four year old Spanish stallion and now he is a well know daily sight hacking through the lanes of West Penwith and this will be the story of his journey