Friday, 26 August 2011

Time to leave the nursery

Bodkin and his mum April

Well the time came when April pined for adult company and all of the grass in her little nursery paddock had gone. With fear and trepidation it was time for Bodkin to take his place in society and join the grown up otherwise know (or called by Charles) "The ladies that lunch" Young Dolly was confined to her stabel for the day to allow Bodkin to meet Diva and Belle and settle in before addin our young live wire Dolly.

Chlres led Dolly back up the lane in the afternoon and let her go in the long field from the garden I could only hear the pounding of hooves as Dolly aproached and she burst over th bank with hooves pounding - only to be soundly rebuked by April, Diva and Belle who had all taken ove maternal duties

However Dolly was allowed to canter along at the rear

"gosh i realy didn't know there were so many horses in the world"

a sceen of bay silk Diva, Belle April and Bodkin

they looked much better going uphill but the camera wouldn't click!

and meanwhile................

Sophie and Toffee the warmblood contingent - Sophie is looking really well after her last dose of shhh wormer

and this week....!

Toffe really shouldn't be here because he is a woarmblood but he is such a lovely yearling with a perfect glossy black coat and no trouble with sun burn

whilst poor Archie needs total sun block before venturing out the capion on the tin reads "do not allow the horse near anything you do not want painting white for ten minutes" and Archie is just so generous with the white "paint"

but here he is monarh of all he surveys and it must be said apple of his dad's (Charle's) eye

The top of the hill is the best place on a hot summer day - we've opened four fields for them now so they can mimick their natural wandering behaiviour - funny though they are always by the gateway at breakfst time.never miss a meal!

to cont!

Time for a catch up!

Archie aged two

Full brother and sister Magic and Amie both out of Diva by Danilon - I sometimes have to check the lengths of their tails to tell them apart

(don't worry magic seems to be missing two spherical objects at the moment..........maybe I should be worried!

The water trough que

"Little" Sophie also aged one, again by Danilon out of a Holstein mare

Sorry I've been hording these and not posted them but see above like a number 42 bus my post come along in twoes!