Sunday, 11 December 2011


Ah well the days have grown short now and as you expect when time is short Danni has an abscess in his foot ( we think) So it is shoe off and daily tubbing and think of a good excuse not to stand holding him with steadily numbing toes. For the minute this was taken i had dreamt up the excuse that the wheelbarrow needed emptying so my husband Charles as left holding Danni but it doesn't work very often. Years ago I was a dab hand with the Animalintex and was pleased that my effort supported by sticky vetwrap and a good supply of electric tape stayed in place over night. I was a bit disappointed as Dani has been doing well mastering a little more collection and trying to master the Spanish Walk but I suppose that is horses.

The mares are still out overnight swathed in rugs with neck covers and I've added stable quilts under neath to keep TB's Diva and Belle extra cosy - they also have a double field shelter but use it more in the summer strangely enough.

Bodkin should be the most grounded foal ever (apart from Magic who also stayed with his mum until he was nine months old) because he is staying with April for her to look after him for the winter, even though he has passed the six months curfew. He has carved out his own little niche for himself amongst his Aunties - a determined chap he solemnly collects a separate super each night and morning and will stand up for his rights to even the veteran Belle! I think by the spring he will feel he is heard stallion and "In Charge" of all the mares!

The majority of the youngsters came in for Guy Fawkes night and firmly arrived each night thereafter for a cosy stable each - so six boxes taken and three empty - it will be a lottery if it snows amongst the mares for the spare stables, but if April and Bodkin double up and we make one extra one all should be well. Vibes for a mellow winter would be appreciated though!

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