Sunday, 14 June 2009

A little bit excited

Just a little bit excited watching diva's new filly foal starting to blossom in the sunshine today as she gradually grows stronger. She looks so much like Dani in the way her head and neck are set on and of course she has his "trademark" white star.
Dani has gone off this evening to an assignation with a phantom mare called Madonna so no dressage tomorrow..................

Friday, 12 June 2009

A new journey

The first outing into the little foal paddock

morning milk break

Diva spent her day nuzzling her new baby

So treasured

The new foal in the dew laden grass

An update on Annie who kindly donated her baby rug - well it didn't fit anymore!

Diva needed a second visit from our vet this morning to help her on her way but we were able to turn her and her new foal out by mid morning into a world shrouded in a thick fog. The little foal was dressed in Annie's cast off and out grown rug for the first couple of hours but by lunch time the sun had burn its way through and we were basking in the heat of June and so she was undressed for the rest of the day. She spent most of her day asleep cocooned in the long grass with Diva Doting over her looking the happiest horse on the planet.
We brought the pair back in at about 6.00pm and Diva gave a big contented sigh when she saw her newly cleaned and refurbished stable and the thickest straw bed added by a friend of hers

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A 2.00am encounter

Just arrived

Dani nobley giving up his sleep to supervise the proceedings

This way to the milk bar

a good bath

and another


Born this morning at 2.23am- A filly foal By Danilon Pre out of Divers Perk TB (Executive Perk) or Diva to her friends
So - shortly after 1.30 Charles woke me to show me Diva on the monitor (he'd had the first nap) and whispered "she's about to start" and Diva was tucked like a pyjama horse looking nervously at her tail. i made a quick phone call to the village to alert a friend before dressing and reached the stables at nearly the same time as her .

The presentation wasn't initial good but as i phoned the vet, Charles managed to locate the other foot and nose at about knee level, so embarrassingly, I was able to report to the poor man that I had just woken up that "ah hem there seems to be a foal on the monitor now"...........perhaps we should invest in one of those new things - mobile phones I believe they are called! He was very charming though and will call on his rounds to check the foal later today.
The elegant filly was up and sucking in no time at all and Diva was grateful for a small warm mash that gave her more strength to re wash her new foal. We went to bed by at least five o'clock and i must say i slept in until 7.30 but Charles got up at 5.30 to exercise Dani who reported to be "puffed up" and walking out like a racehorse - and not a car on the road.........I wonder why?!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Feeling rather nervous tonight as when we brought Diva in from the field tonight she was running milk.................!

She has been installed in the foaling box for three nights now under the infra red camera, as she foaled three weeks early last year. Charles woke me up at three o' clock the other morning to point out that she was stretched out - no doubt sleeping very soundly too - unlike me.

She's just tucking into her supper now so we can only wait and keep our fingers crossed for a safe delivery. And Danni - he can only think of Lizzie at the moment, who has a 3.5 follicle on her last scan and he should be able to cover by Saturday. He needs his sleep right now!

At 2,00am a filly foal with a white star - at - who needs sleep!