Sunday, 11 December 2011


Ah well the days have grown short now and as you expect when time is short Danni has an abscess in his foot ( we think) So it is shoe off and daily tubbing and think of a good excuse not to stand holding him with steadily numbing toes. For the minute this was taken i had dreamt up the excuse that the wheelbarrow needed emptying so my husband Charles as left holding Danni but it doesn't work very often. Years ago I was a dab hand with the Animalintex and was pleased that my effort supported by sticky vetwrap and a good supply of electric tape stayed in place over night. I was a bit disappointed as Dani has been doing well mastering a little more collection and trying to master the Spanish Walk but I suppose that is horses.

The mares are still out overnight swathed in rugs with neck covers and I've added stable quilts under neath to keep TB's Diva and Belle extra cosy - they also have a double field shelter but use it more in the summer strangely enough.

Bodkin should be the most grounded foal ever (apart from Magic who also stayed with his mum until he was nine months old) because he is staying with April for her to look after him for the winter, even though he has passed the six months curfew. He has carved out his own little niche for himself amongst his Aunties - a determined chap he solemnly collects a separate super each night and morning and will stand up for his rights to even the veteran Belle! I think by the spring he will feel he is heard stallion and "In Charge" of all the mares!

The majority of the youngsters came in for Guy Fawkes night and firmly arrived each night thereafter for a cosy stable each - so six boxes taken and three empty - it will be a lottery if it snows amongst the mares for the spare stables, but if April and Bodkin double up and we make one extra one all should be well. Vibes for a mellow winter would be appreciated though!

Do drop in to Danni's facebook page too at sometimes it feels easier to post a picture there without resizing it!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bodkin's new rug

Well with the forecast struggling as the Autumn draws on it was time for Bodkin to have an upgrade from his Bolero or Foal rug. Charles and i spent quite a long time sorting through the shiny wrapped rugs and holding our arms apart to simulate Bodkins length and finally settled on a 4'6" on for hm to grow into as they were out of stock of the 4' ones. Just as well as although he does look rather festive I'm not sure how long this one will last!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Time to leave the nursery

Bodkin and his mum April

Well the time came when April pined for adult company and all of the grass in her little nursery paddock had gone. With fear and trepidation it was time for Bodkin to take his place in society and join the grown up otherwise know (or called by Charles) "The ladies that lunch" Young Dolly was confined to her stabel for the day to allow Bodkin to meet Diva and Belle and settle in before addin our young live wire Dolly.

Chlres led Dolly back up the lane in the afternoon and let her go in the long field from the garden I could only hear the pounding of hooves as Dolly aproached and she burst over th bank with hooves pounding - only to be soundly rebuked by April, Diva and Belle who had all taken ove maternal duties

However Dolly was allowed to canter along at the rear

"gosh i realy didn't know there were so many horses in the world"

a sceen of bay silk Diva, Belle April and Bodkin

they looked much better going uphill but the camera wouldn't click!

and meanwhile................

Sophie and Toffee the warmblood contingent - Sophie is looking really well after her last dose of shhh wormer

and this week....!

Toffe really shouldn't be here because he is a woarmblood but he is such a lovely yearling with a perfect glossy black coat and no trouble with sun burn

whilst poor Archie needs total sun block before venturing out the capion on the tin reads "do not allow the horse near anything you do not want painting white for ten minutes" and Archie is just so generous with the white "paint"

but here he is monarh of all he surveys and it must be said apple of his dad's (Charle's) eye

The top of the hill is the best place on a hot summer day - we've opened four fields for them now so they can mimick their natural wandering behaiviour - funny though they are always by the gateway at breakfst time.never miss a meal!

to cont!

Time for a catch up!

Archie aged two

Full brother and sister Magic and Amie both out of Diva by Danilon - I sometimes have to check the lengths of their tails to tell them apart

(don't worry magic seems to be missing two spherical objects at the moment..........maybe I should be worried!

The water trough que

"Little" Sophie also aged one, again by Danilon out of a Holstein mare

Sorry I've been hording these and not posted them but see above like a number 42 bus my post come along in twoes!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

News from Bodkin

Bodkin is happy to report that after earnest application to the milk bar he can now see properly over the stable door - result!! Not to mention has at least two teeth - ouch! April doesn't believe in coming into season with her foal at foot so we will have long wait for a full brother of sister but in time, in time.

I nearly tripped over this little chap with his liquid brown eyes and trusting expression when taking Bodkins photo - he must be his special friend. I hope he makes it and just maybe doesn't did holes all over the field and eat all of the grass and produce two hundred young but that is a bit of a tall order so maybe I'll just enjoy the Innocent baby rabbit for what he is today and not anticipate tomorrow.

Friday, 6 May 2011

A colt foal!!

April has her own system of birth that she has tried and tested - the other year we positioned her under cameras and relentlessly watched her all night and April waited and waited........and then had the Archie at the top of the field all on her own just as she had planned. So this year we kept a discreet watch but let her have her own way in her private field shelter with old Belle for company.
We watched the weather forecast for the weekend with trepidation - the foal was officially due tomorrow by Charles calculations. But it was pleasant in the early morning sunshine this morning- milky warm in fact and there in the private corner at the top of the hill was a proud mother conducting her very own "foal checks" which reads something like:- full wash, check; feed check; check umbilical check; lick tail to stimulate muconium check; settle down for own breakfast of Dobson and Horrell oats ( long story but the corn merchant only had the "posh" ones!)
The vet agreed with April that everything is perfect and here is the little chap:- officially out of Shabril Will by Shaab, by Danilon Pre who's by Official XXIX out of a Yeguada Millitair Mare Jeletita. He can even claim to be related to Fuego via Goran....some way back!

and the stripes around the top of his tail ?? from gramps - Official of Yaguada Suseata! Now Here's the boy...

Baby foal has now dried to a rich bay and is sleeping soundly in his stable

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Working on the canter

Our finished "wind assisted" canter at the end of the session, the lower ones ore the work in progress.

There is a lovely view from the school towards St Hilary church spire on the ridge

Rising trot (I'm a lean forwarder to rise I'm afraid)

Danni's more collected trot to finish - I was pleased with this carriage

Riding the canter forward for a big bound - Charles pointed out I'd reverted to putting my elbows out.....sigh

Earlier canter work - I think you can see a difference between here and the last photo at the end of the session ( that I put first because it was the best one ah hum)

So after a hectic couple of bank holidays Danni got his chance to go to a school to work for a change. i wanted to work to get a big canter bound and then bring him up for a more elevated carriage. Charles wasn't happy with my efforts to the right as Danni was drifting out through his left shoulder and so we spent some time cantering with a counter bend to open that shoulder - which for me was rather like rubbing your tummy and patting your head type job! but eventually we succeed and he became straighter. I was really pleased with his finished balance - you''ll have to excuse his mane billowing in the wind, it has been a breezy few day here in cornwall even the Scillonian didn't sail one day!

We hacked home through lanes laced with bluebells and cow parsley just in time for Danni's lunch!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Danilon in april

Danni had a rare treat when we hired a school for an hour this week but I think the work we have been doing with him to approach collection is starting to pay off and he has gain more elevation without dropping his back.

and nothing like a nice long rein when you have finished to stretch your neck ahh..... sorry to be brief but time and tide!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Car park schooling and what is that!!

Danilon in shoulder in in hand in my usual scruffy but happy working clothes!

Danilon walk pirouette. note posh hat for camera and the hoof oil!

Dani's bottom!! He really has matured this year

Danni goes out around the Cornish lanes each day without fail, up and down hill, dodging the traffic and stopping to chat to pedestrians along the way but some day when we return he does a little work in hand as our schooling space is "limited!" But over the course of the winter, slowly slowly, as the collection has increased, his forehand has elevated and his bottom has enlarged, so I think we are on the right track. Now he is starting to step towards the bridle more thoughts are turning to piaffe ...sigh................. lets hope Danni's do too!

Our youngsters (by Danilon) had such an adventure this morning when a lady I often meet around the lanes, driving her invalid carriage with her dogs trotting beside her, dropped by the top yard to say hello. Well ! Heads came up nostrils flared ears pricked as never before and i ran for a camera quickly because they are usually half asleep!

Two year olds Archie and Amie

Archie giving this new mode of transport due consideration

hmmmmm what is that????

Amie's ears nearly met - she is out of a thoroughbred mare

Amie is Magic's sister

They have now gone back to munching their hayledge but just for a brief moment you could see their future as they puffed themselves up to look more important.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Archie's evening adventure

So!! We went to collect the horse yesterday evening as per normal and no a horse in sight in their customary position watching the gate. Until we looked up the field that is and spotted A sea of horse faces on the heap of ancient mine waste that separates on of their three fields in a very distinct traffic jam or was it a que? Diva had parked herself prominently and no one was going to pass whilst Amie admired the view - probably being given anxious advice by her mother - Diva's current colt Magic is just behind her.....

It was obvious they were planning a cross country party so I raced back to grab the camera and Charles positioned himself ready to record the action........

Archie's chestnut face can just be seen waiting behind Diva's firmly parked bottom - if he was a boy racer he would be revving the engine by now............eventually I went and moved Diva allowing

Archie to leep the bank

and look very pleased with himself indeed - he is by Danilon of course and only one and a half

yes definitely - just what he had been waiting for a clear jump - you can see the gateway if you look closely just beside it

Toffee Sophie and Magic

and would you believe it but this morning he hung back and let the all of the other horses gallop up the field (the top field is by far the best in their view) and then popped the bank in the other direction just for fun but I didn't have the camera so you'll just have to believe me on that one!