Sunday, 20 February 2011

Archie's evening adventure

So!! We went to collect the horse yesterday evening as per normal and no a horse in sight in their customary position watching the gate. Until we looked up the field that is and spotted A sea of horse faces on the heap of ancient mine waste that separates on of their three fields in a very distinct traffic jam or was it a que? Diva had parked herself prominently and no one was going to pass whilst Amie admired the view - probably being given anxious advice by her mother - Diva's current colt Magic is just behind her.....

It was obvious they were planning a cross country party so I raced back to grab the camera and Charles positioned himself ready to record the action........

Archie's chestnut face can just be seen waiting behind Diva's firmly parked bottom - if he was a boy racer he would be revving the engine by now............eventually I went and moved Diva allowing

Archie to leep the bank

and look very pleased with himself indeed - he is by Danilon of course and only one and a half

yes definitely - just what he had been waiting for a clear jump - you can see the gateway if you look closely just beside it

Toffee Sophie and Magic

and would you believe it but this morning he hung back and let the all of the other horses gallop up the field (the top field is by far the best in their view) and then popped the bank in the other direction just for fun but I didn't have the camera so you'll just have to believe me on that one!