Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mud wollowers


I am happy to report that all of the foals or should I say yearlings have mastered the art of rolling in the mud, applying an even coat to every inch of their bodies - I'm sure this new art skill will put them in good stead throughout their lives.........So you will forgive me for concentrating on photos of their heads today on what is surely a "Day Lent" of gloriously warm sunshine the rain having gone through in the night - leaving behind mud of just the right consistency for earnest plastering said fur coats.

Sophie by Danilon will she grow into those ears?

Sophie again - now gate sized

Toffee and Magic two sparing parteners - mega mud bathers

who love each other really

I asked Charles to bribe Archie and Amie to look up from their hayledge

Diva the long suffering baby sitter
So that is how they have grown this month -all getting really tall - I sometimes look back through the blog to see how thy progress and find it amazing - the progress they make. But every day is a pleasure to watch them grow and interact with each other - the friendships, the squabbles, the rivalries. They for their part have learnt that Charles will be filling the haynets by mid morning and arrive tactfully, slowly and discreetly to see "excuse me????" if there is a little hayledge over to supplement their daytime grazing and then spend the rest of the morning quietly ruminating together and watching our progress with their stables. Diva normally organises this swathed in rugs to protect her short glossy coat picking her way carefully over the muddy field towards us with an expectant expression on her face - well who could resist the old girl!