Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dani's dressage course

Charles working on Danilons right bend

Flu is no fun i can report and as the Dressage course that we have been waiting for with Peter Madison Greenwell came closer I felt sicker and sicker. The day dawned when Danni came home sweating from exercise and i came home shivering and so the game was up and I went to bed...........cough cough cough.

A week went past and Charles and Danni grew confidential and I wondered if I would make it out of bed just to see them go - phew just!

Danni and Charles looked great together - Charles is quite the "canter er" anyway with his show jumping background and and Danni was soon bouncing along in front of Peter shaking his head gently as he does when feeling really well and happy, causing Peter to chuckle and remark "He's feeling well!"

Danni working on his right bend with Charles - he's a little stiff in the poll sometimes

Charles and Danilon at working trot

A lot of the work that we do with Danni is geared to a simple assimilatin of the balance and freedom of paces - no fancy tricks juts straight forward daily work to improve his way of going whilst making sure he is mentally HAPPY!

Dani particularly likes the emphasis on happy! Then he is free and relaxed and able to progress to his ability. This weekend his transitions improved and he added a much improve half pass to his repertoire............half a packet of polos and some very nice carrots for tea!