Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Do you remember Danni!?

Danni increasing his daily walks to 30 mins

Danni this week about to start work

So shall we try Spanish walk?

Rembering to move the back legs is such a bind...

Then right foot

The essential polo mint reward

just reorganising ourselves


trying some collection in the form of Piaffe

It might be untidy we do have a diagonal movement


our efforts at Piaffe again - I'm sure "sit" will come with time

moving on

Do you remember Danni!??An age ago i had more time it seemed to write his blog and then poor Danni wasn't well - a little pottery in the mornings, and sadly licking his hooves after exercise, and so the vet came, and came again and again. He took exrayes and then some more, he tried nerve blocks and it didn't look good. Danni had one thing in his favour his private health insurance with PetPlan. An MRI scan was agreed and so we set off very early one morning to Glocestershire with its major "Horse Hospital" and Danni was lunged and they took more ex rays, did more nerve blocks and he was finally admitted for an MRI scan the next day.
We arrived in plenty of time the next morning to escort him for his procedure but were shooed away from the massive machine behind equally massive doors.....and so we waited and waited until at last the results were there. Phew he had an increased reading from his Lateral Collateral Ligament in his hoof and was prescribed twelve minutes in hand walking each day for twelve weeks gradually increasing in that time to forty five minutes.
And so every day i walked with him  little further each day finishing each trip with his highlight in hand grazing back home along the lane. he loved picking over the old herbs and flowers tucked under ancient stone bank with a particular penchant for hawthorn twigs yum!! I notice that when we first started our outings he would always choose a large mouthful of earth and clay to eat but over time he stopped eating it.
The vet and the blacksmith trimmed his feet, spending ages discussing the angles and finally I was allowed to ride him again - just for thirty minutes but such a relief after weeks of trudging up that steep hill out of Goldsithney!
In the mean time i put our walking to good use to teach him a few tricks to keep him occupied and develop his collection - the set of photos were taken by a kind guest of one of our little training efforts in the car park, Fingers crossed for his final examination this week.........then we can trot!!