Friday, 5 March 2010

A round up of the day

Well today at Ednvoean Farm started with a frost - I'd say it was unusual but this year would prove me a liar so let's say the usual frost, still little Tufty aka Da Vince is made of sterner stuff and determined to start his career as a serial grass eater extraordinaire.............

Whilst mum Belle was definitely in season and making eyes at poor little Archie in the next field and if she thinks a foal in January would be a good idea i definitely do not!

Charles declared it "nice enough" for the horse to go out without their rugs in Spartan fashion although I must admit it was pleasantly warm later. Dolly divest of her rug has grown on again into a fine filly and is at the stage of looking furnished - probably only until next week when she will shoot up again and look gangly all of again

Dolly's mum Diva - i must admit to a soft spot for the old girl (13) who is a bit like a galleon in full sail with a following wind - she's in foal again to Danilon

and looking very well indeed - Diva came from Ireland originally

WE gave Dani a treat today and hired the school at Kestral - i warmed him up after his hack there in a longer outline

and i think he is showing more self carriage now and relaxation?

Well i spent a lot of time in canter exercises today which he loves and his face is looking very happy and confident in the photos

my usual dodgy position but he does feel very light in the hand and able to carry himself

our last simple change was replaced by a flying change!! I had quit my stirrups out of frustration so perhaps I was sitting squarer ah hum and naturally we don't have a photo never mind I expect the next one will be along in six months or so...............! Dani spent the afternoon in bed as is his habit laying out flat in his stable after his mid day feed - it's a horse life for sure