Thursday, 5 May 2011

Working on the canter

Our finished "wind assisted" canter at the end of the session, the lower ones ore the work in progress.

There is a lovely view from the school towards St Hilary church spire on the ridge

Rising trot (I'm a lean forwarder to rise I'm afraid)

Danni's more collected trot to finish - I was pleased with this carriage

Riding the canter forward for a big bound - Charles pointed out I'd reverted to putting my elbows out.....sigh

Earlier canter work - I think you can see a difference between here and the last photo at the end of the session ( that I put first because it was the best one ah hum)

So after a hectic couple of bank holidays Danni got his chance to go to a school to work for a change. i wanted to work to get a big canter bound and then bring him up for a more elevated carriage. Charles wasn't happy with my efforts to the right as Danni was drifting out through his left shoulder and so we spent some time cantering with a counter bend to open that shoulder - which for me was rather like rubbing your tummy and patting your head type job! but eventually we succeed and he became straighter. I was really pleased with his finished balance - you''ll have to excuse his mane billowing in the wind, it has been a breezy few day here in cornwall even the Scillonian didn't sail one day!

We hacked home through lanes laced with bluebells and cow parsley just in time for Danni's lunch!