Thursday, 2 July 2009

A2% chance

Lizzie with her filly foal Annie in her day stable

Sharing Mums corn

Leading out to the field notice her curly tail with the white hairs

OK so stopping to pose for the camera

Well the vet said that Lizzie had a 4.7 follicle and was ready to cover and Lizzie said B***** off" and nuzzled her foal to her. So in view of her strongly held opinion it was obvious that some lateral thinking was called far and so Dani went off to Trenerth Equestrian for the night to meet Madonna.

As Mel said "He took an immediate shine to Madonna - we didn't even have to show him a mare" and Mel arrived with the semen the next day and we collected Danni later wearing a very smug expression. Unfortunately Lizzie had been scanned earlier in the morning by our vet and the follicle had gone BUT there was a slim chance that the second follicle forming could continue to develop, so as we had the semen.................! Well Lizzie was scanned again today and is fifteen days in foal! meaning Danni's semen must have waited patiently for two days before bingo - the 2% chance!
Lizzie's foal Annie has continued to grow and lives out at night now coming in through the heat of the day and pushing mum for her share of Spillers Stud mix and is now led in and out to the field in her new foal sized head collar.
April is nearing her time now and proceeding in a stately fashion with a filling udder and dreamy look in her eyes as the ever energetic Annie cavorts and leaps about the field secure with her two mums.
Danni has anothe PMG course this weekend and the delicious prospect of another assignation with Diva - what a busy life he has.