Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dani and PMG

Dani set off across the valley for three days of intense training with Peter Madison Greenwell , once again this weekend. The weather prove fickle after the long dry spell but couldn't damp an inspirational course with Peter and we managed to dodge the showers.

The devil is in the detail so they say an so it proved for he course. The first day was spent refining the shoulder in and traver with emphasis on a soft a fluid bend to the left before progressing to half pass.
For the second day we had a double session to give Peter enough time to work independently with Dani - helping him with his half pass and addressing the issue of Dani sometimes dropping his back as he enters the movement with a complex exercise ..........i carefully wrote the whole thing down when I got home! Before progressing with Dani's flying changes. Dani felt wonderful when Peter hopped off and said "Your turn" happily I only had to do simple trot canter transitions with an emphasis on FORWARDNESS.
Peter felt that we too might try a flying change the next day as the changes of rein had progressed through a given number of strides to one step the day before. Alas as Peter predicted Rome wasn't built in a day but we explored the building blocks of the movement and I grasped the significance of the inside leg to ask the hind leg to change as well (whoops!)Peter hopes to establish Dani further in August and we have so much to work on in the mean time that I'm sure the time will fly. Thank you Peter
Our vet came to scan yesterday and found Lizzie's pregnancy to be progressing well and Diva ready to cover today.............meanwhile April is expanding still by the day so Sooty has given up his big box for her and we once again have a full stable. Dani is looking optimistic!