Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dani's chestnut colt foal

Well I dare say they (the pictures) all look all the same to you but isn't he gorgeous?

We thought we'd bring the mares in early tonight as there was a storm brewing and when we reached April and Lizzie's field, Lizzie called but didn't come.............. and there tucked in the far sheltered corner at of the the field April had tucked her most precious colt foal about fifty yards from her lifetime companion Lizzie who was discreetly on guard. The little colt had been safely delivered and dried by mum, Charles guided him in as i led April down to the stables and mum was son tucking into her supper Phew - what a day!!
The infra red camera that I have been watching night after night now shows mother and son quietly resting as the gail gathers outside.