Friday, 31 July 2009

Diva and Amie today

Diva and Amie

Amie showing off her blue greay adult colour

Morning turnout

Mum, Diva loves her stable

We are still waiting to get Diva in foal this year but a scan today shown ONE three point eight follicle and so we are optimistic that Danni may be able to cover her by Tuesday. Danni is feeling very optimistic too!

Amie is slowly shedding her baby fur to display a sleek blue grey adult coat - the only grey (so far) of the little family but things can change very rapidly with horses but at the moment Annie is very nearly black and of course Archie is distinctly chestnut but all a capable of suddenly changing their colour. Sootty my twenty three year old Holstein, was the darkest black when we bought him at four and a half months old and is now snowy white, flecked with brown freckles.

Diva is the most lovely, kind mare and i hope to ride her this winter if she doesn't get in foal as Sootty is less than impressed by too much exercise these days although he enjoys a walk out most days - just not too far!