Thursday, 23 July 2009

Danilon and A.I.

Danilon meets Maddonna at Trenarth Equestian and A.I. Centre

A relaxed and unhurried collection by Mel Hennah with Charles holding Dani

We've had a busy week with the mares staying in in the mornings to wait to be scanned by the vet and the happy news is that Lizzie's pregnancy has progressed to a heartbeat and Bell has been blood tested and is still in foal. Diva on the other hand, passed her after birth easily after foaling but then needed a lot of anti biotics to cleanse and so we missed covering her on her foaling heat. She was ovuplanted and inseminated on a large follicle on her next cycle, which is about the point that the 2% chance came back to haunt us and a second follicle continued to develop to the point that it may become cystic and interfere with the development (or not) of her next pregnancy. Her first scan was inconclusive so we must wait until Monday for a firm decision on her progress.
Divas foal Amie is turning a beautiful blue grey and is showing signs of making friends with Dolly- Divas yearling filly
Which brings me to little April our newest mum. As she was quite foal proud we decided to return to Trenarth AI Centre to collect from Danilon instead of a live covering with her young foal at foot ( or should I say underfoot).
We are hoping to move her foaling date forward a touch in the year as poor Archie (another name change) will only be ready to wean at Christmas.
April with her colt foal by Danilon with the evening sun coming through the sky light
Dani loaded and travelled like a pro and quietly waited in the lorry for his appointment - leading the lady in the next lorry to ask if he was in there? He understood exactly what was wanted of him without fuss and we were soon on our way time for tea in fact job done. April cuddled her little foal to her throughout the insemination procedure so now we must wait with the curious optimism of anyone who keeps horses :-for the next step on the dressage ladder, the next foal or even that a newly bathed horse couldn't possibly roll in that patch of mud.................well perhaps next time who knows

The Orange gentleman now one week old - Charles thinks Archie for a stable name

Always room for a little bit more milk - April is doing him well and he's putting on weight