Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Spanish friend

We've had a lovely couple of afternoons lately working with a new Spanish friend - Louise that belongs to a friend Val ( thanks for permission to post his pickie!) Val sent these through of his session with Charles. I must say it was very relaxing sitting on a block outside of the arena chatting with Val, watching the chaps at work! Louis is a charming young Pre from Spain, with life in front of him, looking set to enjoy every minute and I thought you might like to meet him!

Our day started just before five this morning with a trip to the AI centre for Dani - Mel could only collect at 6.00am. Danni was a bit surprised to be put in a lorry at that hour particularly as he was laying down asleep a moment earlier. We were outside of Mel's gate at 5.40 looking at the Guard dog ........"Do you think he bites i enquired of hubby?" (it was my job to do the gates) "Put you hand in and see" Was the charming reply..........hmm we were home again before 7.00 and Mel inseminated little April and the rain it raineth. A quick sprint for me down the lane to NO1&2 containing Diva and Dolly and they sleepily greeted my absolutely bone dry having spent the night n the filed shelter whilst I was drenched.............Horses hmmmmmmmmmm must be some sort of cure!