Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dandy Days

We popped in to meet Dandy, Danni's latest son at his home yesterday and one week on he has grown sturdy and strong on Daisy's abundant milk whilst carefully tended by his auntie Mel. The two old mares are besotted by their new charge sharing a joy of their new addition to their herd that will be their future as is natures way.

The two old mares that stand guard over their new charge ..............well sometimes three is a crowd!

but always room for some comforting milk

Dandy got out of bed especially for us when we arrived with exaggerated stretches

"is this a good angle for my tail? "

Daisy with her "Mum" Val

It was lovely to visit them in their idyllic sheltered meadow.

Good luck little Dandy!