Wednesday, 30 June 2010

So Happy!!

So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diva has foaled tonight at the surprisingly early hour of 9.15 or in the middle of Time Team (suppose I'll never find out if they found the Abbey.......... Still) She had comprehensively refused to stay in with the other mares yesterday, making her feelings know by clearing the five bar gate -pregnancy bump and all and so we gave her a private paddock with an open stable door ( essential if you are Diva) and today she had been running milk all day

So in the middle of Time Team Charles switched to the camera and..............was she breathing She foaled easily but was in a difficult position for Charles very close to the corner - still she quickly started to call to her foal and he in turn was soon up and sucking in half an fingers crossed it is looking good so far - Did i mention it is a Colt!!

Danni didn't need gas and air but did clear up the end of Divas hot mash when she had had enough and is seen here celebrating with a new hay net for the night