Saturday, 5 June 2010

To Daisy a boy!

Congratulation to Daisy!! It's a boy born at 1.30 am this morning after a nervous week of foal watching for Daisy's mum Val.

Charles whizzed off before breakfast this morning a managed to get a couple of snaps before we served our B&B guest's breakfast. This is the first foal for Daisy is a lovely compact mare by the good HIS horse Shaab and she was Artificially inseminated as she dozed in her stable to Danilon last year - we were thrilled when she took first time as she is a "more mature" mother of fifteen and blooming with her new baby - just can't quite work out how it happened!

Meanwhile Dani has had a busy week this week as ALL of our mares came in season at the same time - it was one of those moments when your life flashes before your eyes, as they all stood there declaring ah hum their interest. Danni was a star at the AI centre and our record the other day was in and out in ten minutes with Dani happily sucking his polo mint in the lorry on the way home.
This week Charles has succumbed to tendinitis in his leg and the garden is open for a village charity tomorrow so a day limping behind the lawn mower is called for dosed with pain killers..........I'm not too popular but at least it's not a horse!