Friday, 2 July 2010

Tiger, Tiger burning bright

Diva and son with human helpers Ryan and Charles going out to the field

Tiger Tiger burning bright...........................We switched on the camera first thing this morning to see Diva curled up in the middle of her bed with the little chap cantering around the stable using her as a marker - every now and again he would look pointedly at the spot the milk bar should be............"priorities old boy priorities!"
Later on, our little chap had his first outing into the outside world, after yesterday which could be described as a wash out. Diva refused to move very far from the safety of the gateway but at least he felt the sun on his back. Look closely and you'll see he has tiger stripes across his back to go with his eel stripe - he is the most gorgeous colour and we are starting to wonder if it would be worth testing Danni for the super duper opalescent or is it pearlescant gene..............ah horse are made of dreams!

an uphill conformation........with stripes

his grey rimmed eye so I suppose he will go grey - shame about the stripes though!

Well he has a big frame to fill so is making an early start on the milk bar