Tuesday, 20 July 2010

An orderly line up

Super time at Ednovean forms an orderly Que, the only rule is that Lizzie is fed first!

Belle is strangely insistent that she has to have her bucket next to Lizzie with her satellite Toffee in attendance

April arrives next and poor young Dolly has to stand on the end - I'm not sure how they arrived at this opinion but peace and quite reigns provided that this order is strictly adhered to!

Meanwhile, Our little tiger is still in his private nursery, with his mum Diva until he gets a touch larger to join in the fun and games with the other two foals.

Isn't it strange the things that you meet out hacking? The oddest ride I had the other day with Danni, was when I met the Marazion Iron man challenge ( Marathon section).....So what to do when faced with about one hundred burly men earnestly running along the road? Well, I chose one competitor that looked as though he would run at the same speed as Danni and trotted up the hill in the midst of the marathon until I got to our junction. Very adaptable things Spanish Stallions!!!!!