Saturday, 22 May 2010

Warning picture overload!

Morwen Lissie (Holstein) with her Filly foal by Danilon at Ednovean Farm

Some more pictures from day one of Summertimes adventures...............................

A tired but happy Lizzie

The sheltered paddock behind the yearlings stables

Toffee Lizzie Sophie (Summertime) April and Belle

Day two and Belle who has been apoplectic at having to live just with Toffee, glowering at us from her nursery paddock, got to move back in with the group Phew happy face and had she mislaid the foal?!

Lizzie again just because she's blooming!

Lizzie and Belle

Day three and yippee it's pogo foal

Toffee Lizzie and Sophie
Toffee who managed to jump the post and rails yesterday much to the annoyance of the mares that I found earnest group looking at the miscreant colt happily eating the other side of the fence.

Our yearlings by Danilon were happily asleep in the dewy grass or should i say the night shift as they graze overnight and snooze in the stables by day allowing the mares to have "private time" in the back three fields

Charles armed with a trio of lead ropes waking the babies up as you can see Annie is now bigger than Charles!

Amie nearest the camera, then Archie and Annie
and that was yesterday at Ednovean Farm!