Thursday, 13 May 2010


Lizzie is preparing for her big event, her udder filling ready for the birth of her new foal by Danilon. Her belly stretched uncomfortably tight as she carries her foal for the last few days. She was restless in the field today one minute in one field near the lane the next she had plodded across the farm towards the footpath with her best friend April anxiously in attendance. Tonight may be the night but so we thought last night watching the monitor between naps as Lizzie snored happily in her stable supine in her cosy bed of fresh straw. It is an anxious time for us as we wit for her to give us our cue to help nickering affectionately to us each time we approach to check her..............but perhaps tonight will be the night??...............

Lizzie Holstein now almost wider than she is high

April is not straying from her friends side

Lizzie has that far away look - you can almost hear her saying "Love and Peace Man" hippy fashion at the moment

Lizzie above the village of Perranuthnoe - that's Diva in the distance who will be next to foal.