Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The first morning

Thank you Di and Claire for the good vibes - Lizzie and Sophie (Summertime) were able to travel to the field the next morning after their vet check. Lizzie soooooooooo loves her foal and Dani got quite a few brownie points too! We put best friend April in with them too and in typical best friend fashion she settled down to enjoy the new "luxury hotel" whilst keeping a careful eye on Lizzie. April had rather more work to do this afternoon when they were joined by Belle and her foal Toffee (Isn't that Tufty you may ask? but Charles had a change of heart to Toffee and I know it's official because he changed the Teasing chart too!) April jealously guarded Lizzie and her baby for the day ushering Belle away and generally making sure that the new mother and baby were undisturbed. This evening we brought Belle and Toffee in first and then returned for Lizzie and co - -watching the foal trot neatly along beside her mum, as I led April in as rear gunner, it was just amazing to think that the little creature was inside Lizzie such a short time ago. Summertime!! and now Diva's udder has started to fill - please don't let it be twins ( we had the twin scan but she is HUGE!!)