Monday, 17 May 2010

Gorgeous filly

AT 11.30 last night we checked the monitor to see Lizzie was preparing to foal...........ulp!! By the time I reached the stables Charles had the filly out and had already named her Summertime and I was only looking for my socks! The stables were in twilight as the bulb immediately over the box had failed two minutes into use so not many pictures but Lizzie was her usual efficient whirlwind - never mind vet checks Lizzie does them- all cord wash, feet trim, wash foal, bottom wash with particular attention to the root of the tail, manoeuvre to feed and then she was ready for a warm mash and coo over her new daughter with a newly filled haynet for afters

first moments - I didn't risk the flash

Dad Danni (Danilon) waiting for his tea last night - he's now gone back to bed curled up as usual for the morning for an "essential" snooze