Monday, 11 May 2009

Introducing Lizzie cam

Lizzie's favourite snoozing place beside the left wall

The foal is now getting very active indeed!

After many sleepless nights checking Lizzie, we succumbed to the luxury of an infra red camera mounted over her stable. Now we can observe her effortlessly from the comfort of our Bedroom - perhaps comfort is too strong a word for the eerie half light cast by the TV but its better than going outside in you dressing gown in the middle of the night.

I never realised how inert horses were in their own time until watching Lizzie all night - she barely moves from her favourite spot by the left wall for the night before getting up at a lady like 6.30 to finish her haynet before waiting fro her proper Breakfast to be delivered at 7.30am.

Our vet was calm and reassuring today assuring us we would just have to "sit it out"........and he remembered one horse that went "a whole twelve months" but tonight the slightest suspicion of milk is marking her glossy back leg and the muscles either side of her tail feel soft - so here's hoping!