Sunday, 3 May 2009

Danni with PMG saturday

ooh my shoulder

Peter wants more sit and engagement in the canter

Lizzie and April from across the valley - still no news!

I found it a hard session on Saturday spent mostly at canter! We started on the twenty metre circle working for shoulder in to the right and the left, continued through a three loop serpentine with counter canter centre loop. Next exercise canter three quarter line leg yield to fence - continue by flexing to the outside away from the leading leg then leg yield in - change the bend leg yield out - up the center line leg yield to fence. The point to emphasise to Danni that he must stay on the leading leg no matter what the bend. Asked to collect the canter more for second phase.
Continue to counter canter twenty metre circle - bend to inside of circle.
Change legs through simple change on the centre line - continue aiming for to canter a six metre circle - finish by cantering a short loop across the centre line changing on the centre line "quicker with the legs - quicker" Rider(me) very pink and panting!!

Apologies for the short list of movements but another lesson at 11.00!