Friday, 22 May 2009

The ednovean mares in the sunshine

The Ednovean mares hanging out together

Annie growing very bright and independant

Dolly - Diva's yearling from last season is by Resplendant Cee

Diva and Belle are firm friends - Belle is in foal to Lenard

Diva standing guard over Dolly

Must have dozed off

The TB yearling Dolly playing dead in the sunshine

Annie Looking very professional over the fence

Charles loved this one - he thought she looked as though she was eating a boiled sweet

Annie posing with mum

The sun has come out at last at Ednovean farm and all the mares have settled back down from their excitement at the newest addition - Annie. Annie has been practising a series of dizzying dressage movements - flying changes every couple of strides, figures of eight - to the assembled oohs and ahs of the adoring equine audience, that Lizzie defies .......dares in fact, to look one moment longer than she thinks fit.
Charles spoke to to Lizzie's sire, Lenard's old owner and she told him Lenard was renown for putting a lot of lift into the horses stride so the combination with the Pura Paza Danilon is an exciting one. We are hoping for Belle to have one last posthumous foal by Lenard if all goes well so it will be interesting to look at the two generations next year - the grand daughter compared to the daughter or son.

Still with the wonderful weather is was super to wander about the field with a camera and i spotted Diva's filly from last year Dolly, playing dead in the sunshine - she was so soundly asleep she was snoring and didn't pop her head up until I spoke. Her Mum Diva was still looking over her in a kindly fashion although she is expecting Dani's foal in June - the 26th. Her pregnancy has gone much better this year and she is blooming so i hope she has a safe delivery and what then for Annie? Will we stop following her every move - probably not!