Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fillies and shoulder in

The filly's first day out

Learning to walk beside mum

On day two of Lizzie's filly life she went out into the field for the first time with Charles guiding her with his hands around her shoulders and quarters and Lizzie anxiously "assisting" with a series of gentle wickers and nuzzles. We were pleased with the amount of quality Danni brought to the union and the little filly moved off for her first taste of freedom bouncing like a gazelle across the field. The little paddock is nicely sheltered but with a bad forecast for the rest of the week i bought her a cute navy foal rug in the mammoth size of Three feet!

Second day out wearing her new rug

Lizzie wasn't at all sure about the merits of rustly new rugs for foals and did her best to get her nose in the way but very soon the filly was quietly dressed for her outing and that was that as far as she was concerned.

Today dawned bright and blustery with occasional squalls of horizontal rain - click any of the pictures to see the angry white horse coming in across the bay behind them.

Charles has named the filly Annie for the stable at least and today was the day that Annie discovered she could gallop across the field

Annie a sweet quality foal

Danni had his usual three day schooling again this week, stretching and strengthening, flexing and collecting - by Friday I worked more on his shoulder in -finishing with a session of shoulder in up the centre line interspersed by ten metre circles which at least stopped him trying to "lean"his shoulders on the fence and he did his best one for Monday we have planned........!
Poor Sooty has been very troubled by his feet at the moment after his last shoeing and although the smith came back out and seated out his shoes he is still not very happy so he is confined to short walks around the village. The two extremes of life the young filly just starting her adventures and the old horse drifting towards his sunset - but not yet.