Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow bunnies

Well the snow set in jut as we finished getting the horses in last evening and by the time we went back out to check them at 9.00 o' clock, it was "deep and crisp and even" to coin a phrase.

This morning the world was still white but with a thaw in the air and so we decided to keep the TB brood mares in their usual routine and take them along the lane to join Lizzie and April. Belle and Diva skated along the lane, looking entirely suspicious with the ever optimistic Dolly in tow before creeping carefully into the field to park themselves for the day. I took them some hayledge to pick at, which nearly caused consternation as it blew away like tumble weed in the viciously cold wind. Heads shot up, nostrils flared and I was forced to retrieve it before mass panic broke out...............hay with legs .....Hay with legs......... RUN

We were so lucky to get Dani's schooling session in on Sunday - he's been confined to his stable today babysitting as usual, although he does tend to dose off between haynets.

Archie this morning, we kept the babies in as the yard was icy.
Charles has named the foals the three piggies because of their exuberant high pitched whinnies whenever they see us