Thursday, 7 January 2010

more snow

As always with horses the daily routine went ahead as usual - just as horse expect it too. We were grateful to Ryan this morning for struggling in this morning against the weather and there was a further heavy snowfall as the mornings work started.
We decided against leading Diva Belle and Dolly down the by now treacherous lane, to join April and Lizzie and turned them out for a few hours beside their stable once the snow had stopped a little but it must be said working conditions were a little challenging to say the least.
Lizzie wasn't impressed as there is no point in being boss horse if you don't have any other horse to boss except April! still, they too settled down outside of their field shelter for the day with bulging haynets hanging inside and the doors open for them to come and go as they pleased for the day

Charles ventured out to retrieve a wheel barrow - you can just see Dani's capacious bottom and his daughter Amie in the next box

Dolly and Belle above Mounts Bay

Belle and Dolly's dam Diva

A view across the bay from the top of the farm

Dolly mounted a lookout position for the day

because a young thoroughbred filly can never be too sure what is lurking in that strange white stuff.
We are trying to keep the horses in their regular routine as far as possible to avoid accidents with over fresh horses galloping about but it is a worrying time. Poor Danni hasn't been out of his box for two days now although I popped to the corn merchants yesterday and bought some complete nuts to substitute for his usual Horse and Pony nuts............I've just been back out to the stables (2.00pm) and found him doing what Spanish horses do if unemployed - tucked up asleep in his bed.