Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dani today

We don't have our own school here at Ednovean after i unwisely made our old one into an Italian Garden beside the house.............well I thought our horse schooling days were finished but now we have Dani and Dani's babies waiting in the wings a flat enclosed space would be very nice indeed! Still we have obtained permission to construct a new one and I'll keep my gardening urges to myself this time!!

After the shock of loosing Sootty life has settle into a sort of order with Charles and i sharing Dani every other day now to tramp around the cold, wet lanes - but today Charles chose to take Dani up on to the top of the farm to start the new years schooling resolutions - forward to 2010

Charles mostly worked on Dani's lateral work aiming for a more relaxation in the steady rain as i huddled as near to the hedge as possible wearing three jumpers and a coat

Happy new year