Sunday, 26 September 2010

A visit from PMG

Peter explaining the Half pass for the 300 time even Danni is listening

Well we treated Danni to a course with Peter Madison Greenwell this weekend just across the road at St Piran's Stud - I'm afraid Charles took some stunning photos of the post and rails with occasional horse just glimpsed in the distance but with a bit of surreptitious cropping I think you can nearly see the horse!!

Peter worked with us on the quality of a true contact with the horse working through an actively swinging top line and making use of those pesty transitions to test the point. Danni likes to drop the contact and float along instead of swinging into his bridle but this weekend he felt really secure in his work and balance and came up more in front. Peter was equally insistent at the end of the session when riding him down to a lowered neck that he remain between hand and leg as he relaxed to a long rein. Peter also pointed out the difference if i didn't "load" his shoulder by tipping forward as Danni stretched so the effort was a lowered and stretched neck but still with the shoulders raised.......................I now ache all over!!

You wouldn't believe how much my tummy muscles hurt................and back muscles...............

this one is from day two - I think you can see more collection and elevation

My efforts at half pass can only be described as abysmal - patting the tummy and rubbing the head doesn't com into it............or is it the other way around? Peter eventually manoeuvred Danni and i into the correct position to give me the feel for the correct bend and balance.
But Peter kindly worked Danni each day too, producing some superb work that Danni is capable of, finishing with some working pirouettes and flying changes to drool over and an overall soft swinging carriage to die for.
Danni was nearly asleep before his supper tonight a very tired but happy stallion!