Wednesday, 24 February 2010

To Belle a colt

Well Belle was just about ready to foal when we went to bed and sure enough at 12.30 she started to paw the ground and by 12.45 the little colt made his way into the world. Belle settled to a steady effort the only sound in the stable was her deep rhythmic breathing and the sea echoing up across the fields from the cove below the village

his nostril could already be seen breathing at this stage and Charles broke the sack

and extra effort from Belle

and already she had started to wicker

her first job - the foal had a strong suck reflex and soon had his first precious feed and the after birth passed we left them to bond and watched them from the monitor. At Eighteen Belle is an "older mother" and so this will probably be her first and last foal for us and of course the sire Lenard is long departed but this little chap looks a big strapping legacy to them both.

We went out again at 3.30 to supervise the next feed and by 3.50 we had muconium!!
Danni and company were all in bed already and so we might even try some sleep

Good morning - how does De Vince sound for a name??