Saturday, 12 December 2009

It's time

The time has come or in truth is long past for the foals to leave their mums and start an independent life and so tonight the deed was done with a certain sadness for a part of their lives that would never come again. i normally ween by putting the foal in the next box to mum with a chatterbox but this we didn't have enough free stables and so after a certain shuffling of accommodation it was decided that Annie and Amie would share and the increasingly amorous Archie would have a box to himself. Armed with a friend from the village and two bridles we set off at the usual time to catch Lizzie and April and casually took them down to the bottom yard. Lizzie looked at the arrangements and started to blow but stood quietly as Annie was put in her new stable and then Archie - who smelt a rat and dug his toes in in a prelude to a flap. He did agree to follow April in to the next door box though. and then we quietly led the two mares away to the other end of the farm where no 1 and 2 had been prepared for them and their supper was waiting - they tucked into their supper without a murmur.........only I felt guilty!
Back to find Diva and Amie still waiting patiently to come in a quick shunt and Amie joined Annie but the two sisters apparently hate each other oh dear. Diva always the lady walked quietly back across the lane to her new stable and also tucked into her tea. Which left Sootty and Danni effectively baby sitting..............hmm I don't think they are enjoying the job but we have explained to Dani that fatherhood holds some responsibilities!
The three foals soon settled to a light supper of Dengie Hi Fi and a few nuts as they must stay in for a few days and are now pulling at their haynets in an expert fashion.....Dani and Sootty are doing their best to ignore them