Sunday, 29 November 2009

We have weather

Sooty one summer a few years ago when we didn't live under water

Well we have weather in Cornwall at the moment - each day brings torrential rain and gales turning the fields into lakes and the gateways into quagmires. The mares and foals foray bravely into the fields each day, although we had to give up and break out the New Zealand rugs for the mares, which caused great consternation to Archie when "mummy turned blue" He flapped about the gateway looking at all the legs until he found the "right" pair to follow poor chap but he has come to terms with locating his morning pinta under the diaphanous folds now. Yesterday evening the poor souls had made an orderly group under the hedge with their tails turned to the wind but the rain was so intense that it was rising as a secondary spray over their heads...........yet another evening with rugs hanging on every available surface, dripping sadly on to the floor, as the horses munch blissfully in their stables away from the torrents.

Sooty and Danny have abandoned all dressage in flooded arenas and we have taken them out for long steady road work instead, plodding for miles through the lanes at a steady walk and trot. Of course Sooty's dressage days are long over but he enjoys his daily constitutional still swinging along at twenty four with his big warm blood walk. poll swivelling this way and that to check the hedges for different coloured leaves or worst of all white polythene bags. He hit the jackpot the other day with a complete field of cows sending him cavorting sideways in a crazy passage emitting loud snorts as poor Dani and Charles plodded solidly on bemused by the entertainment.

And still it rains so no photo but this is Sooty pre Cushings probably taken in the summer, when he was in his late teens and before he grew the Koala coat - how time flies -we have them in our lives for so short a time...........................but for now he enjoys his daily walk with me.

I've just found a blog that might interest you try and if it's there a youtube video from Golega! Wow!!