Thursday, 22 October 2009

Supper Time

There is a certain gathering of the clan at supper time each evening now, miraculously they have subtly changed their clocks and have trained us to bring them in for their tea earlier and earlier. By tonight everyone was gathered by 3.30 in a fairly orderly que - the two groups of brood mares having integrated earlier in the week ( see the ednovean diaries!). The system is simple "Lizzie rules OK" and so Lizzie the sturdy Holstein mare sweeps in with her foal beside her first each night, as is her right, with her best friend April an impatient second accompanied the laid back Archie. After this we gather Belle, former chief of staff of TB mares, Diva "anything for a quiet life and hates crowds darling" and Amie (who loves her two new foal playmates) and finally Dolly, who as a yearling is considered below anybodies notice but does a nifty line in que jumping given half the chance. Phew - it's a busy few minutes.