Thursday, 8 October 2009

Beginning with A

Annie, Charles and Lizzie making their way in from the fields

As Danilon's first crop of foals began with and A the beginning, alpha, the first - so our three young foals have started their ABC.
To reach the nearest pasture behind the stables we must cross a public lane with a footpath over it, so control is paramount for us from an early age. From birth, the young foals are escorted with comforting arms around their chest and quarters behind their Mum and as soon as they are big enough they are presented with their first baby headcollars and then led with one hand around their quarters still, to guide them forwards and a soft slip rope through the nose band of the headcollar. Each day, in the morning when they are turned out and in the evening when they come in to supper and bed, they learn to lead almost without realising it, as part of their daily routine. Within a few weeks Charles is able to take the foal in one hand and the mare in the other and the daily routine of life goes on.
This week all the mares had their regular visit from the farrier and this time, as always, the foals had their feet examined carefully on a hard standing whilst the farrier carefully checked the angle of each foot, taking them back into the stable to trim and then back out to examine the results..

Spot the foal

Annie and Lizzie

I think some one has a soft spot for Lizzie!

Charles horse sitting whilst I ferry Dolly into her stable before we head back to the house with Belle on the left of picture, Diva central and Amie right.

Belle leading the next group down the lane to the stables - that's Diva and Amie behind.

Belles bulge is due in February - fingers crossed

Diva and Amie

Which just leaves Archie the baby of the party with his mum April

To catch up at the back!