Thursday, 23 April 2009

turned out nice again!

Lizzie very near to her foaling date now she like to spend her days near our garden

Diva whose waistline is catching Lizzie up fast

Belle enjoying her new paddock

Belle taking her morning constitutional trot

Diva and Belle now firm friends

Diva and Belle

Sorry but Diva and Belle again

April - Lizzie's friend

Definitely Diva and Belle........again!

Diva - but that's Dolly's bottom

Dolly at last, she was so excited by her new field that she couldn't stop for a photo

Well Diva, Belle and Dolly "volunteered" to graze a new little paddock that we have had made ready for the newly foaled mares -namely the very plump Lizzie. As Lizzie is a Holstein she doesn't need as much grass as the Thoroughbred mares so the girls moved in to top the paddock that will be nice and close to the stables for Lizzie's first outing if all goes well. Meanwhile Lizzie and April have cropped their field to a fine sward and they spend most of their day just below our garden keeping and eye on us as they "work" Poor Lizzie step is growing heavier by the day and for a horse usually so light on her feet, you could almost describe her as ponderous - perhaps it is her expanding udder, she's definitely stocking up for a big event.
Little Dolly is now very independent in her very own stable and she was so excited by the new fields that all we saw was her flashing past us on laps of honour, black feet drumming the ground as Diva and Belle looked fondly on - well perhaps Belles doesn't look too fondly she likes to show Dolly her long yellow teeth is she come too close and Dolly is remarkable obedient to her, so the first lesson of horse society has been learnt by the young filly!
So all in all to coin a pun it turned out nice again - I just couldn't resist it and that was our week at Ednovean Farm. Another PMG course coming up in two weeks for Danni - just about the same time as Lizzie is due to foal.