Monday, 6 April 2009

Lifes little pleasures

As I struggled across the stable yard this evening with Sootty's bale of shavings the softest nicker came from Danni, as i passed his door. Now Danni just loves a clean bale of shavings and spends an ecstatic few minutes squirming on his back in a cloud of pine scented shavings whenever he gets a new bed. True he didn't really need more shavings tonight but who could resist such a polite request? Of course Danni got his shavings bath and enjoyed every minute of it and the resulting fussing from Charles as he painstakingly removed most of the bed that was wedged in his tail! Sootty was quite content to stand quietly on his but at his age the floor is a long way away.

The horses haylage is being delivered in giant round bales now and we've found the easiest way to fill the haynets is to position them on end. It was a shame that the bale lay determinedly on its Charles and I pushed like two industrious ants, rocking and heaving the heavy bale inching a bale of shavings underneath to choc the weight until we reached the point of no return (for the bale that is!) We were so engrossed in our task when we finally upended the bale that we didn't notice the approach of a neighbouring farmer who'd been walking along the public footpath past the gate, but was not firmly striding towards us "You're too late" we joked "Ah" he said "People often ask me how I moved the heavy granite for my barn restoration and i always reply my friend David Brown helped me but I see you prefer to use the wife." and he departed still chuckling to himself on along the footpath.