Thursday, 10 March 2016

Danni looking forward

Danilon in hand

As we haven't go a school most of my time with Danni is spent hacking and these days he escorts the young horses out and about the countryside shielding them from the traffic and leading them passed the scariest man holes, occasionally using his spanish "bull fighting " skills to push the youngsters back to the side of the road
Danni with his son Archie stopping to gossip!
I have just maintain his dressage and suppleness with a "top up" session of in hand each week in our car park. slowing working towards more collection  using the lateral exercises
Over the years we've worked towards piaffe and he is a last starting to show signs of lowering his hind quarters. I thought that this would be the extent of our endeavours but a magical opportunity arrived for us to work with Jenny Rolfe of Naturally Classical and transfer our work from in hand to under saddle

and so my next blog post will be about our first ridden work in an indoor school for a many a year under the gentle guidance of Jenny Rolfe. The next stage will stretch me as I try to transfer the collection I have previously achieved under saddle and take us into territory we have never visited before - how lucky we are to have a guide to encourage us along the way with the mantra "light, light, light"

Danni working in Giravolta