Saturday, 27 November 2010

I can't be snowing

I went up to the top of the farm this morning intent on getting a picture of Mounts Bay which can be magical cast in shades of white from jack Frost but as I fussed about looking fro the best spot not the very best spot to take my picture I looked across to see our youngsters pounding towards me with an "Oh goody there's Mum" expression on their combined faces. As you can see tails were raised heads lifted and even the old passage thrown in for artistic effect as they explored the strangely altered world this morning..........acting credits by each participant below!

Sophie in the lead with Toffee Amie Archie Magic and Diva Right to left

Magic was staying uncharacteristically close to his mum this morning

Do you remember Sophie who was orphaned at four months old well here she is doing very well

Sophie is by Danilon out of Morwen Lissie a Holstein mare

I think she is going to be substantial shall we say!

It is the fastest they have moved for some time

Diva Brood mare in charge

Archie about a year and a half is by Danilon

Diva with foals Magic and Toffee our very own Totilas and Fuago - it will be fun to watch them grow up side by side the Warmblood and the pre/TB cross