Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just be aware......Myopathy

Hi don't want to sound alarmist but apparently horses are dying unexpectedly here in Cornwall. A good friend sent this through to me this morning from the network Cornwall web site:-

"You may have heard that there have been several deaths in Cornwall very recently of horses taken with A TYPICAL MYOPATHY. This is NOT contracted horse to horse but via environmental and climatical conditions. IT IS VERY RARE but over the last two weeks 20 horses have died because of this.There is no vaccine, no warning and it strikes without mercy.Mrs Ruth Beadle BSc (hons )Equine science has just lost her much loved and very well cared for mare to this and so her death has not been in vain WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ruth is collecting data on this condition to have analyised so if you, or anyone you know have had experience of this terrible equine condition please email info to ruth.cassettari@virgin.netRuth has the experience and the backing of vets from a widespread area to research this and help prevent anyone else having to deal with this.She is doing this to benefit all horse lovers everywhere and is at her own expense and time BUT SHE NEEDS INFORMATION AND YOUR HELP.She has asked me to point out that your horses need to be stabled overnight if at all possible as it tends to strike those how are out overnight the most.The purpose of this message is not to frighten anyone, it is a very rare condition which unfortunately is rampant in Cornwall at this time. Forewarned is forearmed. Please forward any info you or any of your friends may have . "

Our local vet's web site Rosevean Veteranary practise has a very good information sheet
click here

I've never heard of it before but it does give pause for thought doesn't it...............