Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lizzie the foal magnet

We've just brought dear old Lizzie in at night as she was looking a bit harassed as Frank Spencer might say and wasn't quite herself. As chief brood mare, herd responsibilities were weighing on her and Belle was making quietly determined bid for leadership now she was unencumbered by a foal. And so Lizzie transferred to the grazing at the back of the farm with Diva. Well within a day, all three foals were obediently pottering along behind Lizzie who seems to be a Pied Piper for foals or at least an earth mother!

Trying to capture a photo of the elusive Sophie was not easy stalking her this way and that across the field as she hid behind Toffee but eventually we succeeded...............although she took revenge by drooping slightly for the camera!

Interestingly Toffee is by Lenard the same sire as Lizzie - he adores her and follows her everywhere

Sophie - coat pending