Saturday, 19 September 2009

Dani's growing family

Lizzie, now back in the top yard with April and definately queen bea

Annie, who's now nearly as big as her mum!

Just settling for the evening hay net

Young Dolly our tb yearling born last year who is by Resplendant Cee now a Sports horse sire

Dolly loves tea time

Remember Archie - growing now (click to enlarge the picture to see his sister in the next box)

He'd really like all of that hay net for himself

But as it is mum April get her share too

and two separate bins are the order of the day to keep the peace at supper time

we ran out of time to photograph Ammie with her sharply pricked ears

Sootty at twenty three is in the autumn of his years but enjoys grazing in the evenings (when all the girls are out of sight!)