Friday, 27 March 2009

News about Belle update 3-4-09

Bells first scan notice the cyst to the left of the pregnancy

Belles 21day scan - the vet says it's starting to implant! Fingers very much crossed still but by Wednesday week, if all is still well, we should have a heart beat - frightening isn't it?

A Guest did these cartoons - I'm not having a good day downloading!


Well our vet came out this morning for THE scan at fourteen days the moment..........she is in foal. It's very early days of course and the vet didn't have his printer to show you the evidence but at the moment bounce bounce bounce!

Our vet said he would swing by next week for another look (as we bought her as scanned in foal ah hum) so as I said it is early days. The pregnancy is very vulnerable for some time yet but if we should get a heart beat it should start to attach itself at the twenty eight days scan bounce bounce bounce!

Watching the vet work with the scanner is fascinating as Belle also has an old cyst on her right ovary so it was interesting to see the clear difference between the two orbs reflected on the screen - the pregnancy having two white shadows, top and bottom, created by the scanner by nature of the near perfect sphere, whilst the cyst has no shadow by virtue of its less regular shape.

Sootty hasn't been so well this week but at twenty three with Cushings he sometimes needs a quiet week pottering around the local village. Danni on the other hand has had three sessions in the school working on his canter changes with a bob trot stride and managed a perfect silky smooth flying change by Wednesday after riding many simple changes of leg up the centre line in the gale. And today, I'm sure Charles kept me cantering for most of the three quarters of an hour I was in the school , inclining across the diagonal, up the centre line, tuning across the school and he was very calm and obedient but no change today - one trot stride alas. His trot felt soft but expressive though and I've started to discover a sort of scissor action with my legs as I get hotter and hotter attempting the transitions. I reminded Charles of the programme on television about trophy children before staggering home!

Am I!